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27 June 2024

Coming Soon. LOOK Photo Biennial 2024: Beyond Sight

28 June - 1 September 2024


Through Our Eyes @ Digital Window Gallery

12 June - 16 June 2024

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13 June 2024

In View

12 June - 16 June 2024

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4 June 2024


Home Tour @ Rochdale

6 June - 12 July 2024


Photography Workshop: Birkenhead

30 June 2024


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23 June 2024


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16 June 2024

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Photography Workshop: Liverpool City Centre

15 June 2024

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Photography Workshop: Bootle

9 June 2024

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Photography Workshop: Huyton

1 June 2024


Everyone is Moving – Your Journeys, Your Neighbourhoods @ Atrium Space

4 June - 30 June 2024


European Poetry Festival : Liverpool Camarade

6 July 2024

Bonds / Ripples

29 May - 9 June 2024

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Webinar: Socially Engaged Photography

22 May 2024



6 May - 12 May 2024

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MARRIAGE (IN)EQUALITY IN UKRAINE. Screening and a panel discussion

9 May 2024

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Casey Orr artist talk and SEPN North West meet-up

18 May 2024

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Poetry reading: Coast to Coast to Coast

11 May 2024


National Pavilion of Ukraine @ Venice Biennale

20 April - 24 November 2024


Open Source 28: Sam Patton – Room to Breathe @ Digital Window Gallery

10 April - 18 May 2024


Forward, Together @ Wigan & Leigh Archives, Leigh Town Hall

23 March - 28 September 2024


As She Likes It: Christine Beckett @ The Rainbow Tea Rooms, Chester

1 March - 30 June 2024


Shifting Horizons @ Digital Window Gallery

27 March - 31 March 2024


26 March 2024

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Saturday Town: Launch Event

10 April 2024


Saturday Town

11 April - 19 May 2024

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21 March 2024

Home. Ukrainian Photography, UK Words: Tour

4 March - 28 February 2025


Home: Ukrainian Photography, UK Words @ New Adelphi

4 March - 8 March 2024

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2 March 2024


We Feed The UK @ Exterior Walls

8 February - 31 March 2024

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Contrail Cirrus: the impact of aviation on climate change

7 March 2024


Tree Story @ Liverpool ONE

16 February - 30 June 2024

Open Source #27: Saffron Lily – In The Absence of Formal Ground @ Digital Window Gallery

6 February - 31 March 2024

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Contemporary Photography from Ukraine: Symposium @University of Salford

4 March - 5 March 2024

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Is Anybody Listening? Symposium: Commissioning and Collecting Socially Engaged Photography

29 February 2024

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Different approaches: Artists working with scientists

15 February 2024

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LOOK Climate Lab 2024: All Events

18 January 2024


Diesel & Dust @ Digital Window Gallery

18 January - 31 March 2024

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Tree Walks Of Sefton Park with Andrea Ku

21 January 2024

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Artists Remake the World by Vid Simoniti: Book Launch

31 January 2024

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Shift Liverpool Open Meeting

6 February 2024

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We Feed The UK Launch and LOOK Climate Lab 2024 Celebration

8 February 2024

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End of Empire: artist talk and discussion

22 February 2024

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Cyanotype workshop with Melanie King

17 February 2024

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Book Launch: What The Mine Gives, The Mine Takes

24 February 2024

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Local ecology in the post-industrial era: open discussion

14 March 2024

Elena Subach - Fragility, 2019-2021
Mstyslav Chernov - Chaotic shelling of a residential area in Mariupol, dead bodies on the streets and shelters, March 7, 2022
Mykhailo Palinchak - Sirens Whisper, Monument to Dante Alighieri with sandbags to protect against Russian shelling in Kyiv, March 26, 2022
Yaroslav Solop - Eternal Return, 2011

Introducing Ukrainian. Photographies

We are Ukrainian curators Viktoria Bavykina and Max Gorbatskyi, our not-for-profit organization ‘Ukrainian Photography’ was established in Kyiv in 2020, with the aim of supporting the development of photography in Ukraine through exhibition projects, research, and publications. In March 2022 we started to work on the development of the online platform ‘Ukrainian. Photographies’. 


With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the lives of all Ukrainians changed. Although, of course, it has affected not only Ukrainians, because these bloody events will also lead to the reconsideration of many socio-cultural developments that failed to stop this monster. Our project ‘Ukrainian. Photographies’ appeared not only as a reaction of Ukrainian citizens to the war but also as the result of rethinking the functions and capabilities of cultural workers in wartime, addressing the question of how to be useful when it seems that only weapons are; how to rearrange your knowledge and skills on wartime rails. With our project ‘Ukrainian. Photographies’, we seek to ensure and increase the visibility of the Ukrainian photographic sector, to find new meanings, connections, and associations in the works of Ukrainian photographers, inviting researchers and curators from other countries to collaborate. Every month, a new exhibition project will appear on the online platform, which will offer a new vector of views on Ukrainian art and possibly a new approach to working with it. Along with the appearance of online exhibitions, the archive of Ukrainian photography will be replenished and deepened – we will develop an archive of works and projects of Ukrainian photographers, which, at the same time, will become the basis for the work of foreign colleagues and the record of all the work that appears today and is quickly dispersed in the information vortex of war.


An important component of ‘Ukrainian. Photographies’ will also be the texts, which can be divided into several categories. Research texts about Ukrainian photographers, their projects or individual works. These texts will complement the exhibition projects and reveal implicit connections and contexts. A series of interviews with Ukrainian photographers will be prepared by the authors of the project. This section, probably, will become the fundamental one in the long run, because these texts will record the changes and transformations that have been and are taking place in the Ukrainian photographic sector because of the war. The third thematic category of the blog will be materials about other Ukrainian wartime initiatives. Ukrainian musicians, artists, museum workers, theatre professionals, and filmmakers are restructuring their practices to help overcome the hardships the Ukrainian society is facing today. These texts will capture one of the important phenomena of this war – resistance – this is formed at all levels of society, using unconventional approaches and mechanisms.


We launch ‘Ukrainian. Photographies’ with our exhibition ‘Refractions. Home’ as an introduction to the following exhibitions and publications that will be published on the platform in the future. The works of 18 Ukrainian photographers featured in the exhibition were created both before and after the war started. Some works directly comprehend the Russian invasion of Ukraine since 2014, while others have no direct connection to the war, but are now compelled to be seen as having such. Regardless of the time, place or chosen focus, all photographers, as well as the authors of the exhibition, talk about a common and the most important place – their home.


All visual and textual materials on the platform, in addition to performing their basic functions, have an extremely important goal – to help raise funds to help Ukrainian photographers, many of whom today are left without the usual working conditions, planned projects, and job opportunities. Part of the funds raised will be distributed among photographers, and the other part – among humanitarian initiatives that help save the lives of people and animals in Ukraine every day. Any contribution will be extremely important for strengthening the already existing incredible support of the Ukrainian people.


  • Viktoria Bavykina and Max Gorbatskyi

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