Sustainability – Climate Change and the impact from Industry

17 May 2022

Open Source Exhibitions

Open Source #22: Bags For Life – Luke Saxon

1 May - 31 May 2022

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VR: LOOK Climate Lab 2022

13 January - 20 March 2022

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An evening with Maytree Poets

28 April 2022

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Recovery in Focus & Inside Stories

14 May 2022

Past Events

Homo Humour film screening & Q&A

7 May 2022


Painting the Mersey in 17 Canvases Coast to Coast to Coast

21 May 2022

Exhibitions Open Source Exhibitions

Open Source #21: Ancestral Folk – Eunice Pais

1 April - 30 April 2022

Exhibitions Main Exhibition

Follow The River, Follow The Thread

1 April - 12 June 2022


Saturday Girl About Town at Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces: Wigan

28 January 2022

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31 March - 1 May 2022

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Who Cares? – Symposium exploring the role of art & design in health & care

26 April 2022

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Socially Engaged Photography Network: North West regional meet up event ‘Co-authoring the Collection’ 

28 April 2022


9 March 2022


11 March 2022


18 March 2022



23 February - 20 March 2022

Taking Root Bootle – Growing on the Streets: Involving local residents In greening up public spaces

10 March 2022

Liverpool Food Growers Network: Panel Discussion

12 March 2022

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19 February - 20 March 2022


2 March - 5 March 2022

Session 3: Windowsill Growing with Croxteth Community Garden

12 March 2022

Taster Menu

11 March 2022

Session 2: Dereliction to delicious

11 March 2022

Session 2: Introduction to beekeeping

11 March 2022

Session 1: Dereliction to delicious

11 March 2022

Session 1: Introduction to Beekeeping

11 March 2022

Session 2: Windowsill Growing with Croxteth Community Garden

10 March 2022

Session 2: Relax and Grow

10 March 2022

Session 1: Windowsill Growing with Croxteth Community Garden

10 March 2022

Session 1: Relax and Grow

10 March 2022

Compost Works – An Introduction into Composting

9 March 2022

Hope Community Garden/ Feeding Liverpool: Reimagining your Future Food Neighbourhood

9 March 2022

Liverpool Food Growers Network: Rethinking our Food System

9 March - 12 March 2022

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VR: NOVUS: Restricted Views – Creative Outlooks

1 December - 12 December 2021

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VR: Collective Matters

1 October - 12 December 2021


Digital Window Gallery: On the Brink

27 January - 19 March 2022

Exhibitions Open Source Exhibitions

Open Source #20: Matt Dunne

9 February - 28 February 2022

Arts Groupie Workshops

26 February - 19 March 2022

TREE: Live Storytelling Session

19 March 2022

Horti-Culture Sharing Sessions with Arts Groupie and Incredible Edible

19 March - 9 March 2022

Liver Bird Safari with Arts Groupie

26 February - 26 February 2022

Past Events

Shop the Look Project with Emma Summerscales Open studio

11 February 2022

Mersey Green Map

4 February - 14 March 2022

Climate Cafés

26 January - 9 March 2022

Growing Sudley CIC: Nature’s Apothecary Workshops

23 January - 6 March 2022

Cyanotype Workshop with Edd Carr

25 February 2022

Read Now Write Now: Climate Champions Writing Workshops

30 January - 17 March 2022

Hope and Fear

25 January - 30 March 2022

Past Events

Peloton Liverpool Cooperative

16 February - 18 February 2022

Working with organisations, photographers, community groups, academics and curators from across the country, we have been building a network to discuss and accelerate the practice of socially engaged photography. In the spirit of social practice, the network is shaped collaboratively by its users and has been running as a distributed network since October 2019. We now have over 380 members and 25 organisational partners supporting its development and delivery.
We have regional meet up groups established or currently developing across the North West, North East, the Midlands, Yorkshire, Scotland, London and South East, and the South West. If you are interested in finding out more about the regional groups or setting one up in your area please contact
We also keep in touch via a facebook group HERE and a regular newsletter. The is a fully open network and you can join below by signing up to the mailing list.


When referring to the term socially engaged photography, we mean activities or projects where photographers and communities/ individuals come together to co-author or co-produce visual representations of the world around us. The process behind the work produced is often as important as the final photographic work, and projects are often reliant on collaboration and discussion. The work often reflects multiple voices about a particular social, political, economical or environmental issue, rather than that of a single artistic voice.

More on socially engaged photography:
The wider term, socially engaged practice is itself, constantly being challenged and redefined. The network hopes to apply these current debates to the context of our own photographic specialism. It is important to note that each and every organisation and individuals will navigate the process of co-authored work in different ways; the network hopes to demonstrate this diversity of practice whilst providing a stable grounding for social practice. As millions of us share our daily lives via photography on social media, we are passionate about supporting work that brings the expertise of the photographer together with the lived experience and knowledge of communities. Ultimately, we hope to act as an open network for sharing resources, learning, dissemination of current projects and practitioners, and maintaining dialogue and debate about the work within this field.
Examples of socially engaged photography Projects:
You can read more about a host of socially engaged photography projects via our regular blog posts HERE
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